Virtual Learning

We offer customised experiential virtual solutions to enhance the performance, mindsets and wellbeing of your team

Virtual learning for us is interactive, engaging and memorable with a human first approach

Developing elite teams and athletes is our mission at Eclipse. The heart of our work is the conversations we have with people and how this translates back onto the pitch, court or track. We create memorable, authentic and powerful experiences through experiential learning. 

Right now we are doing it virtually. Still the great conversations, still the key reflections and still the transfer of learning back to the sport environment. Please see our virtual offerings in the boxes below and get in touch if you want to find out more.

Experiential Webinars

Our work in centred around creating customised experiences for our clients that are powerful, engaging and memorable. Our webinars are created with the needs of the team in mind. Our expert facilitator navigate participants through challenging conversations and topics to enhance performance and wellbeing. 

High-performance Workshops

Similar to our webinars our workshops focus on working with smaller group sizes to increase the engagement with people. We use experiential projects customised to your needs that allow athletes and coaches to learn new behaviours that will translate back to the sport environment. These are expertly facilitated by our experienced performance coaches.

1:1 Mindset Coaching

In elite sport you can have talent, skill and natural physical abilities but lack a performance mindset. Our qualified sport psychology consultant works with clients to address areas that hold athletes or coaches back from performing at their true potential. These sessions are completely anonymous and are just honest conversations between two people. We offer a free initial 30 minute session. 

Team Performance Evaluation

Our online team performance evaluation allows teams to investigate different elements of what makes a high performance team. The online tool evaluates each of these elements:

  • Purpose
  • Effective Relationships
  • Quality Conversations
  • Performance mindset
  • Clear Team Processes
  • High Performance Environment

A detail report is complied to show the scores in each of these areas. It allows teams to highlight areas of strength and areas of improvement that we work with teams to change.