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The English and Wales National Development Team

The English and Wales National team was going through the process of developing key young players for national representation. Players had a great season ahead of selection for the national fixtures, with a handful been recognised and rated as top performers by the ICC.

Our focus was on building the team for success. Breaking down boundaries amongst the players, onboarding values and reshaping conducts, allowed the team to follow and process the development of a high performing team culture.

Many of the team’s young players went on to represent England in a number of successful test wins serving integral roles within the national team, and fulfilling captaincy roles, awards and honours in the sport.


Lions Trainers

The objective was clear; this British and Irish Lions tour squad wanted to successfully win the test series in South Africa.

At the time, South Africa were a championship national side, who had only ever lost one test series to the British and Irish Lions in recent years. Experts predicted that the Springbok would be far to strong, and that the Lions would have a very slim chance of successfully achieving any series wins.

We brought the selected players together for the first time from all four national representative teams. Building the Lions squad, working together with the Lions management and leadership team, we created the “Lions Laws”. This resulted in the development of one of the most successful British and Irish Lions Tour squads to date, successfully winning the South Africa series.

"Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved"

- Mattie Stepanek

In the past we have worked with, and assisted in the development of performers, athletes and business personnel in, the following organisations: