Eclipse Events

Eclipse Events

Get along to these events and come meet us... We want to share what we can do for you!

Unlocking Team Performance | Eclipse Webinar

Teams are critical engines for driving performance. The power of how a team functions can't be understated.

Join us for an interactive and engaging webinar, that will provide our viewpoint on how to unlock and sustain a high-performing team.

Key takeaways:

• Our view on what really drives high-performing teams
• The 6 key drivers of team performance
• Practical tools to allow people to work together more effectively
• Discover learnings from our 30 years of experience working with elite teams

Learnfest 2022

Forget windowless, air-conditioned conference rooms, uncomfortable seats and death by powerpoint and instead imagine a sparkling lake and mountain backdrop, a festival tent full of imagination, yurt-based workshops and reflective campfire conversations.

Now in its 8th year, Learnfest is a powerful and transformative experience that is the catalyst for real, lasting and meaningful behaviour change

More events coming soon!