The Lab

The Lab

We conduct our own research in addition to using the latest existing research to back up all our foundations, covering areas of psychology, philosophy and physiology.

Going underground

There’s a lot to be said for how outdoor adventures, challenges, activities and experiences can be used in our learning. In this short article, Eclipse's Josh Williams will be focusing on the environment and how it can play a big part in positively developing people. To do this, he will be reflecting very honestly on his recent experiences caving in Yorkshire.

The Boiler Room

Being a leader can be stressful as more demands are needed of you from others. If the stress is not managed correctly it can cause burnout and other negative behaviours that not only effects yourself but those that you lead. Understanding what stress is and what causes it is half the battle.

Key Takeaways from the Sports Psychology Conference

As a sports psychology consultant, it was a pleasure for Eclipse's Stuart Kelly to attend the British Psychology Society’s sports division conference. It was an amazing opportunity for him to share and learn from some of the brightest minds within the field of sport. This article shares the key takeaways from the event.


The main focus for this short piece is a practice called Shinrin-Yoku, a Japanese medicine introduced by Japan in 1982 - also known as forest bathing.

I am a firm believer that being outside and surrounded by nature is good for you. It does something. It inspires and refreshes, de-stresses and clears the mind. From having urban planters in the office, to travelling in remote locations for months at a time, we can reconnect and de-stress from daily living. Natural environments still help humans after all these years of change and urbanisation.

Hand the clipboard over

Put yourself in Steve Kerr’s shoes for a moment.

Steve Kerr’s actions took courage. He noticed something wasn’t working for his team and decided to change things up for the benefit of his team even though he knew there was going to be a backlash in the media and from peers. He acted to benefit others. It was a gamble but he trusted his team and trusted that he had coached them well enough to put them in a position to thrive.

How well do you truly know yourself?

Vince Lombardi would question his talent – How well do you truly know yourself?

Lombardi successfully built high performing cultures within the teams he worked with by developing individual character. From here, Lombardi would then go on to develop the foundations of his team, build a larger feeling of oneness and dependence on one another.